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Gender Differences in Interactions with STEM Curricula in a K-12 School in Bahrain

Show simple item record Oubary, Rana 2023-08-27T06:12:44Z 2023-08-27T06:12:44Z 2023-07-01
dc.description.abstract The underrepresentation of women in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) studies and fields can have long-lasting consequences. Most studies address the underrepresentation at the college level and in the workforce, but few studies focus on the formative school years (K–12). To uncover deep-seated reasons for the disparity later, this study investigated differences between male and female students vis-à-vis achievement and interaction with the curriculum in mathematics and science classes in elementary, middle, and high school. To add to the body of knowledge about education in the Arab world, the research site was an American-based curriculum school in the Kingdom of Bahrain. This exploratory case study used the STEM classroom as the case and was based on the leaky STEM pipeline theory and the transformational leadership theory. Classrooms were observed, the corresponding teachers were interviewed, and corresponding documents were reviewed. The qualitative data was coded based on predetermined themes (e.g., interest, collaboration, and response to differentiated instructions), and emergent themes (e.g., content and presentation of students’ work). Across grade levels, female students favored explaining facts, defining terms, writing lengthy reflections, having colorful projects, and conceptualizing scientific theories. Across grade levels, students from both genders collaborate well. Male students are more interested in science due to the tactile nature of the subject. en_US
dc.subject STEM en_US
dc.subject K-12 Schooling en_US
dc.subject Gender Differences en_US
dc.subject Arab World en_US
dc.subject Underrepresentation en_US
dc.title Gender Differences in Interactions with STEM Curricula in a K-12 School in Bahrain en_US
dc.volume Volume 11 en_US
dc.issue Issue 2 en_US
dc.contributor.authorcountry Bahrain en_US
dc.contributor.authoraffiliation Middle School Principal, Senior Leadership Team, Modern Knowledge Schools, Manama, Bahrain en_US
dc.source.title Journal of Teaching and Teacher Education en_US

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