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  • Naeem, Samreen; Ali, Aqib; Anam, Sania; Ahmed, Muhammad Munawar (2023-03-02)
    Machine learning (ML) is a data-driven strategy in which computers learn from data without human intervention. The outstanding ML applications are used in a variety of areas. In ML, there are three types of learning ...
  • Chudasama, Vipul; Bhikadiya, Krina; Mankad, Sapan H; Patel, Ajaykumar; Mistry, Maunil P (2023-01-29)
    Speech is an important tool for communication. When a person speaks, the vocal cords come closer and the glottis is partially closed. The airflow which passes through glottis is disturbed by vocal cords and speech waveform ...
  • Prakasa, Esa; Sugiarto, Bambang; Prajitno, Dicky R; Erwin, Iwan M; Risnandar, Risnandar; Wardoyo, Riyo; Damayanti, Ratih (2023-04-30)
    Wood identification can be considered as one of the essential tasks for experts on wood anatomy. The task of wood identification is not only required by wood anatomists, but it is also needed in other fields, such as custom ...

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