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A Multi-Criteria Dual Membership Cloud Selection Model based on Fuzzy Logic for QoS

Show simple item record Faiz, Mohammad Daniel, A.K. 2022-08-06T03:54:12Z 2022-08-06T03:54:12Z 2022-08-06
dc.identifier.issn 2210-142X
dc.description.abstract The use of cloud computing in various data-centric applications such as wireless sensor networks (WSN) has attracted a large number of users because the cloud integrates various features in the applications such as scalability, availability, security, etc. The adoption of on-demand services of the cloud has raised competition among various cloud service providers (CSPs).The various CSPs charge different subscription charges for their services, such as storage space and virtual processors. Hence, the selection of the most suitable cloud is a must. In this paper, a multi-criteria dual-membership-based fuzzy technique (MC-DMFT) is proposed to improve cloud users’ QoS experience and address the hurdle of choosing an appropriate cloud service. We have used the MC-DMFT method to define the phases of the overall process involved in the cloud service selection and calculated the rank values for different users for QoS. Existing approaches are not proficient enough, and they require a very complex computation process. The proposed approach uses the concept of fuzzy technique to rank various cloud service providers based on capacity, pricing, security, performance, and maintenance as key parameters. The comparative analysis shows the effectiveness and potential of the proposed method. en_US
dc.language.iso en en_US
dc.publisher University Of Bahrain en_US
dc.subject Fuzzy en_US
dc.subject QoS en_US
dc.subject Rank en_US
dc.subject Membership function en_US
dc.subject SaaS en_US
dc.title A Multi-Criteria Dual Membership Cloud Selection Model based on Fuzzy Logic for QoS en_US
dc.volume 12 en_US
dc.issue 1 en_US
dc.pagestart 453 en_US
dc.pageend 467 en_US
dc.contributor.authorcountry India en_US
dc.contributor.authoraffiliation Department of CSE, M.M.M University of Technology, Gorakhpur en_US
dc.source.title International Journal of Computing and Digital Systems en_US
dc.abbreviatedsourcetitle IJCDS en_US

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