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Browsing Issue 02 by Subject "Sustainable Development"

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  • Labidi, Nabil (2019-10-01)
    Le processus de l’investissement (national et étranger), ses effets et les problèmes posés dans le contexte du développement durable, acquiert une très grande importance dans le développement des pays aussi bien développés ...
  • Alnuman, Dhuha Mohamed (2019-10-01)
    Sustainable architecture is building an environment-friendly or recent trends in the architectural thought, who cares about the relationship between the buildings and the environment, while seeking sustainable architecture ...
  • Daran, Driss (2019-10-01)
    The Increasing understanding of the importance and necessity of respecting and achieving balanced development that takes into account the needs of the present and preserves the necessities of the future, leads to Make ...

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