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Variation of The Two Actions (Came-a’ta) and (Came-Ja’a) in The Holy Qura’an

Show simple item record Khazaileh, Omar 2019-03-10T10:01:18Z 2019-03-10T10:01:18Z 2018-06-01
dc.description.abstract This study aims at revealing the semantic variation of the two verbs (came-a’ta) and (came-ja’a) in the Holy Qura’an. Many linguists and lexicographers have looked on them as synonyms. Most of the previous studies did not address the differences in detail between these two verbs. This study does not focus on the issue of synonyms, because this issue has been much studied in detail ([i]). In addition, this study does not address the causes of synonyms and other issues related to it. The current study investigates the result which gives an indication of the occurrence of synonyms between the two verbs (came-a’ta) and (cameja’a). The study addresses the following issues: a– the verbs (came-a’ta) and (came-ja’a) in the lexicons. b– the interpretation of the two verbs (came-a’ta) and (came-ja’a) in Qura’nic explanation. c– The indication of the occurrence of the verbs (came-a’ta) and (came-ja’a) in Qura’anic usages. d– The time formula of the two verbs in the Holy Qura’an. e– Comparing the usage of the two verbs in Arabic. en_US
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dc.subject Variation of The Two Actions en_US
dc.subject Came-a’ta, Came-Ja’a en_US
dc.subject Holy Qura’an en_US
dc.title Variation of The Two Actions (Came-a’ta) and (Came-Ja’a) in The Holy Qura’an en_US
dc.volume Volume 2018 en_US
dc.issue Issue 1 en_US
dc.contributor.authorcountry Jordon en_US
dc.contributor.authoraffiliation Al al-Bayt University en_US
dc.source.title Journal of Human Sciences en_US
dc.abbreviatedsourcetitle JHS en_US

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