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13. International Journal of Bilingual & Multilingual Teachers of English (Discontinued)

13. International Journal of Bilingual & Multilingual Teachers of English (Discontinued)



e-ISSN 2210-1829​

Editor-in-Chief:Dr. Salah Troudi
​Founding Editor:Dr. Hasan AlWadi

No Publication Fee

​The International Journal of Bilingual and Multilingual Teachers of English, IJBMELT, is a bi-annual, peer-reviewed publication for all teachers of English. The journal attempts to keep abreast of the current theoretical and practical developments made in the area of English language teaching by bilingual and multilingual English teachers and ELT professionals to improve and develop the reality of English Language teaching and learning in all levels of education. This journal specifically aims to advance knowledge of and to develop expertise in critical and scientific inquiry in ELT and language education. It also aspires to recognize the roles and contribution of bilingual and multilingual teachers of English as professional practitioners. The journal is intended for practicing teachers, academicians, researchers, teacher educators and graduate students who are involved in research and dissemination of knowledge in the field. This is a refereed online journal which will publish research studies and articles in an ongoing manner. All papers in this journal undergo anonymous peer review by two referees.​

​Topics covered by the IJBMTE include, but are not limited to:
Identity, language culture and teaching, language policy, critical issues in ELT, critical applied linguistics, ICT in ELT, teacher education, bilingualism and multilingualism, native vs. nonnative in ELT, pedagogy and innovative practices, assessment, alternative assessment, nonnative learners,school language programmes, and curriculum issues.​​​

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Salah Troudi
Graduate School of Education, University of Exeter, United Kingdom

Managing Editor

Hasan AlWadi
Bahrain Teachers College, University of Bahrain, Kingdom of Bahrain

Editorial Board

  • Sara Shonoo
    Bahrain Teachers College, University of Bahrain, Kingdom of Bahrain

  • Susan Riley
    Graduate School of Education, University of Exeter, United Kingdom

  • Rana Raddawi
    American University of Sharjah,United Arab Emirates

  • Starr Ackely
    Bahrain Teachers College, University of Bahrain, Kingdom of Bahrain

  • Jeesie PNG Lay Hoon
    National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

  • Peter W. Stanfield
    Higher Colleges of Technology, United Arab Emirates

  • Assia Rolls
    Regent’s University London, United Kingdom

  • Guidelines for preparing various types of manuscripts for submission:
    Research Articles
    Manuscripts reporting original research using qualitative and/or quantitative data related to multilingual and bilingual ELT should include a literature review or theoretical and conceptual framework, research design and methods, data analysis and discussion sections.

    Critiques, discussion papers and Commentaries
    JBMTE welcomes submission of critiques that report on, or present opinions about issues and innovations in the ELT; present analyses of controversies in the field; apply research to practice-based settings in native or non-native teaching learning contexts; present new ideas or theories in teaching English as L1 or L2, in short essay form; or present reflections on professional practice or educational experiences in the context of current issues. Critiques should demonstrate well-informed and sound interpretations of educational issues and innovations that advance knowledge and improve practice in the field.

    Action Research and Case Studies
    ​IJBMTE pays special consideration to action research and case studies as they are considered one of fundamental sources that echo EL teachers’ voices who arethe real practitioners in the field all over the world. The IJBMTE believes that those who interact with students and who have significant insightsor expertise about teaching and learning English in monolingual and multilingual contexts should be given the priority to display their experiences in this regard. Articles focusing on what have been gained through practice and research are welcomed; the manuscripts in this regard are expected to contain detailed and thoughtful reflection and rigorous analysis of ideas, situations, and experiences

    Book Reviews
    ​IJBMTE publishes reviews of books in the ELT field. A book review should not exceed 2500 words. The IJBMTE also publishes Book Notes, which examine one book in up to 1,500 words. If you wish to recommend a book for review, please email us at:

    Lengths of paper content, including appendices, references and footnotes: (tables and figures are excluded)
    Table 1

    ​Submission Procedure
    Manuscripts should be submitted in an electronic version only in MS-Word format IJBMTE template.docx with the SPC copyright.pdf .​ The IJBMTE accepts submissions only through "Submission button".

    Publisher: University of Bahrain, Centre for Scientific Publication, Kingdom of Bahrain.
    Benefits of publishing in IJBMTE:
  • Fast publication times: your paper will appear online as soon as it is ready, in advance of the print version.
  • Quick Review Process (within 3-4 weeks)
  • International editorial standards.
  • Full electronic submission in Ms-word format.
  • Receipt of free online access for the journal for one year.
  • A rigorous, fast and constructive peer review​ process.
  • All abstracts and full text is available online for free to all main universities/institutionsworldwide for promotion to the widest possible audience.

  • Review Process in the BMTE
    BMTE has a two-stage review process. In the first stage, all manuscripts that are submitted to the BMTE will go through an initial screening process and be read by two Editorial Board members. Those that pass the first stage are passed on to two or three field experts for review. Authors of manuscripts rejected at this stage will be informed within four weeks of receipt.
    The manuscript will be reviewed within two months of the submission dates after which the referees will advise the managing editor on the suitability of the manuscript for publication in the BMTE. The final decision on publication is made by the Managing Editor upon recommendation of the Editorial Board Members and Peer Reviewers. The final decision will be sent to the author along with any recommendations made by the referees.

    It is the policy of BMTE to consider for publication only manuscripts that are not simultaneously being considered elsewhere. Therefore authors of all accepted manuscripts will have to sign, scan and email to the IJBMTE Managing Editor at​ the followings:
  • A copyright transfer form to BMTE,
  • A declaration form stating that the research article is the author’s original work and has not been published before, and is not currently under consideration for publication elsewhere.
  • Review Steps
    All manuscript will be assigned to more than one reviewer through 5 steps. As soon as we receive an article, the Editorial office will Pre-Review your manuscript in one week. The officer will check whether the manuscript is valid and language is fluent and necessary factors are all included. The officer will also cross check the article in cross-reference database in order to avoid plagiarism. The following is a formal review process accomplished by other official reviewers for one month. It is decided by Editor-in-Chief in one week whether your manuscript is accepted or not. All submitted papers will be reviewed in about six weeks.

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