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  • Shekhar, Shashi; Bhar, Lalmohan; Gupta, V.K. (2014)
    A method of construction of A-optimal binary block designs for multiple asymmetrical parallel line assays has been proposed. Illustration of the method with examples has been provided. By this method two series of designs ...
  • Singh, J.N.; Shakil, M; Singh, D (2014)
    In this note we express Karmarkar's potential function in terms of the geometric mean of the decision variables of the linear programming problem, and obtain bounds on it. We also study the behaviour of the gradient and ...
  • Kembe, M.M.; Agada, P.O.; Owuna, D. (2014)
    The quality of Medical Service in the Orthopaedic clinic of the NKST Rehabilitation Hospital Mkar is constantly threatened by the inadequacy of hospital beds across wards. This is due to the high influx of patients needing ...
  • Tsakok, AD (2014)
    The Tsakok test of fit is used to obtain an exact interval estimate of distributions and achieves exact two-sample tests, UMPU in a class of two-sided alternatives and not conditional on marginal totals. Com¬parisons and ...

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