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  • Salih, Sami; Abdalrahman, AlAmeen; Elsharif, Kamal (2018-05-01)
    Both 6PE and 6VPE allow ISPs to provide end-to-end IPv6 connectivity over the legacy MPLS core networks. However, the security issues in IPv6 over Provider Edge Routers (6PE) lead to the development of IPv6 VPN Provider ...
  • Sagheer, Ali M.; Salih, Salih S.; Searan, Sura M. (2018-05-01)
    RC4 stream cipher is an encryption algorithm that is used in two domains of security realized for IEEE 802.11 LANs: one of them is wired equivalent confidentiality and the other is WI-FI Protected Access protocol. It is ...
  • Sholla, Sahil; Mir, Roohie Naaz; Chishti, Mohammad Ahsan (2018-05-01)
    A recent idea of providing better civic facilities to modern societies is the concept of the Internet of Things (IoT) enabled smart city. IoT seeks to connect all things to the global Internet. Though varied smart city ...
  • Nwizege, Kenneth S.; Ikhazuangbe, Godson I.; Philip-Kpae, Friday O.; Agbeb, Stephen N.; Akoba, Bright G.; Frank, Hilary; Nziidee, Lelesi F. (2018-05-01)
    Mobile Ad -Hoc Networks (MANETs) is a spontaneous network that facilitates communication among nodes without a centralized-control device unlike the infrastructure network category. One of the major challenges with MANETs ...

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