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  • Habbash, Manssour M.R. (2014)
    The debate on the concept of ‘standardization’ of English as the lingua franca of the world has been a still phenomenon in spite of the dramatic transformation of the world in many other ways around. The ‘role set’ of ...
  • Beseler, Lora M.; Qi, Lin (2014)
    This article extensively surveys the topic of collaborative writing in the classroom in its literature review. It contrasts the virtues derived from the process of collaborating against the collaborative end product. Through ...
  • Chirciu, Alina Rebecca (2014)
    To be or not to be a professional, that is the question being posed today by the TESOL practitioner. Teaching in general and English as a Foreign Language in particular has not been regarded as a profession until recently ...
  • Moorhouse, Benjamin Luke (2014)
    In many Hong Kong schools and those around the world, EFL and ESL curriculums tend to “play it safe” and “trivialize content” (Pennycook, 1990, p.13). They often fail to give students voices, consider students’ lived ...

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