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The Concept of Demoocracy in the Arab Thought: Analytical Vision of Abdel - Rahman Al - Kawakeby’s Attitude (1259 - 1320H) /(1843-1902D)

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dc.description.abstract which goes well with the real situation. The Arab enlightenment scholars adopted the last position and considered democracy a condition for renaissance in their societies. Abdel-Rahman Al-Kawakbi (1259-1320 AH) corresponding to (1843-1902 BC), introduced the rational aspect in the enlightenment project. He joined it with religious, traditional and intellectual rule. Al-Kawakbi assigned to Arab scholars the mission of changing their situation and instilling democracy. He considered Arab scholars to be promoters of knowledge, rulers of nations and guardians of freedom and hope. Al-Kawakbi also considered democracy a form of Islamic “Shura”. He called for establishing constitutional councils allowing members of society to vote for Rulers nominated by the people of Al-Hal and Al-Aqd. Al-Kawakbi asserted that the aim of democracy is to prosper the nation, organize its affairs, free its individuals from fright, injustice and ignorance, and to achieve comprehensive renaissance. The rulers' responsibility was to elevate democracy-the essence of Islam- and to urge their people to defend their rights of establishing democratic systems. Equipping the masses with knowledge and faith combined with rebellion and armed revolution, were idealized as valuable methods. According to Al-Kawakbi, scholars were divided in their attitudes toward democracy: inspired scholars were assigned the mission of instilling democracy and defending it. Other scholars believed that democracy contradicts Islam giving the people a role contrary to Islamic law. en_US
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dc.subject democracy
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dc.title The Concept of Demoocracy in the Arab Thought: Analytical Vision of Abdel - Rahman Al - Kawakeby’s Attitude (1259 - 1320H) /(1843-1902D) en_US
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