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Decomposing the Written and Uniting the Strewn

Show simple item record Rababa, Yousef 2018-07-30T07:07:00Z 2018-07-30T07:07:00Z 2016
dc.identifier.issn 1985-8647
dc.description.abstract This study seeks to investigate the relationship between poetry and prose by studying their development stages throughout history. Poetry started in the era before Islam controlling the cultural and social scene by affecting people's lives. This resulted in highly respecting and appraising poets at that time. This case did not stay for long because of the shift from composing poetry to composing prose. These transformations and changes began with the revelation of the Holy Koran which did not attach great important to poets and poetry. The trend was toward prose. On the one hand, prose writers became politicians , prime ministers, companions for Caliphs and their sons and educators. On the other hand, poets were considered intruders and beggars. Poetry did not lose its importance suddenly ,but there were conflicts , cultural and social changes, causing what was called "decomposing poetry" i.e. transforming it from written and organized to strewn and scrambled. This was to prove that prose had the same capacity in expressing meaning as poetry. Decomposing poetry passed through different stages till it became a complete theory written by Ebin Al Atheer in the 6th Hijra century. After that prose prevailed and it had its power of expression for all needs and requirements and it became the title for the subsequent development stage. It is important to note that the features of prose victory may be clear in our modern times starting from free poetry and ending with prose. Maybe this is a continuous move and an inevitable conseuquence of the past . en_US
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dc.subject Decomposing the Written Uniting the Strewn
dc.title Decomposing the Written and Uniting the Strewn en_US
dc.title.alternative حل المنظوم ونظم المنثور - دراسة في العلاقة بين الشعر والنثر
dc.type Article en_US
dc.volume 2016
dc.issue 01
dc.pagestart 184
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