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  • Pulayikodi, Suja Kalarikkal; Tarhuni, Naser; Ahmed, Afaq; Shiginah, Fahad Bait (2018-01-01)
    A digital watermark is a visible or invisible pattern embedded in a digital image which can be used for copyright protection, authentication, broadcast monitoring, telemedicine and many more. This paper describes how an ...
  • Al-Sultan, Muthana R.; Ameen, Siddeeq Y.; Abduallah, Wafaa M. (2019-09-01)
    Great efforts made to detect secret hidden information within digital files. Unfortunately, these efforts are consuming large amount of time and may fail if the hidden information encrypted. Therefore, destruction of such ...
  • Souad, Bekkouche; Mohamed, Faraoun Kame (2014)
    This paper presents a secure and robust image watermarking scheme based on the reversible DWT-DCT-SVD transformations to increase both integrity authentication and confidentiality. The proposed approach uses two types of ...

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