ISSN 2210-1829​
Dr. Salah Troudi
​Founding Editor:   
Dr. Hasan AlWadi
​The International Journal of Bilingual and Multilingual Teachers of English, IJBMELT, is a bi-annual, peer-reviewed publication for all teachers of English. The journal attempts to keep abreast of the current theoretical and practical developments made in the area of English language teaching by  bilingual and multilingual English teachers and ELT professionals to improve and develop the reality of English Language teaching and learning in all levels of  education. This journal specifically aims to advance knowledge of and to develop expertise in critical and scientific inquiry in ELT and language education. It also aspires to recognize the roles and contribution of bilingual and multilingual teachers of English as professional practitioners. The journal is intended for practicing teachers, academicians, researchers, teacher educators and graduate students who are involved in research and dissemination of knowledge in the field. This is a refereed online journal which will publish research studies and articles in an ongoing manner. All papers in this journal undergo anonymous peer review by two referees.

​Topics covered by the IJBMTE include, but are not limited to:

Identity, language culture and teaching, language policy, critical issues in ELT, critical applied linguistics, ICT in ELT, teacher education, bilingualism and multilingualism, native vs. nonnative in ELT, pedagogy and innovative practices, assessment, alternative assessment, nonnative learners,school language programmes, and  curriculum issues.​​​