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Legislative Countering of Terrorism for Sustainable Development "Comparative study between the Egyptian and Bahraini laws"

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dc.description.abstract If terrorism has many destructive effects, development is the first; because terrorism affects tourism, foreign investments and other development activities. The fact states that there is no development without security stability; security is the gate of development. The research focuses on the legal approach of one of the most important elements that guard countering terrorist crimes which is the legislative confrontation of the financial capabilities of terrorism. The study is suggesting compensating the victims of terrorist crimes, and we provide through the study a system that allows tracking the properties of the terrorist during his life and also after his death. This is a form of reparation, for either the state or individual victims.The study aims at establishing a basic principle that “the right of the injured person to carry out his or her compensations for these crimes shall not be set to a statute of limitations. The fact is that the access of the injured parties to sentences of compensation in a terrorist offense is not difficult. The problem is often based on the implementation of these provisions, since it is difficult for the injured person to obtain his rights. The victim finds little money on the offender. The ownership of the convict in these crimes is based on the fact that his financial solvency is variable. However, after the end of his execution of the penalty, the offender may become a holder of money. The money is gains from his terrorist activity. We are keen to address this issue in order to find a legal system to trace those properties that allow the victimized person to be compensated. The suggested new legislative mechanisms include, among other things, a legislative amendment that allows the public prosecution or the military to exercise the mechanisms of the system. It includes the right of the state to claim the fines imposed in order to achieve the defined objectives. The legislator is also advised to include in the legislative amendments a text that provides for compensation for the victims of terrorist crimes in an instant manner through an organization established specifically for this purpose. This organization will have the moral personality which represents the victim of a terrorist attack. The compensation will not depend on the completion of the trial proceedings and the pursuit of the property of the terrorists; it is going to be an instant compensation. en_US
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dc.subject Terrorism, development and terrorism en_US
dc.subject the legal confrontation of terrorism en_US
dc.subject compensation for those harmed by terrorist crimes en_US
dc.subject tracking the property of terrorists en_US
dc.subject the right to report the terrorist offense in the sheep arising from its reporting en_US
dc.title Legislative Countering of Terrorism for Sustainable Development "Comparative study between the Egyptian and Bahraini laws" en_US
dc.volume Volume 16 en_US
dc.issue Issue 2 en_US
dc.contributor.authorcountry Egypt en_US
dc.contributor.authoraffiliation Associate Professor of Civil Law Egyptian Police Academy en_US
dc.source.title Journal of Law en_US

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