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​ISSN 2210-1438​

DOI: dx.doi.org/10.12785/irclr​

​​Founding Editor:

          Myint Swe K​​hine
          Email: irclr@uob.edu.bh

​​Frequency​:  ​Discontinued 

This journal will explore contemporary approaches to research in learning from interdisciplinary perspectives. The scope of this journal is deliberately board. The articles in this journal will cover theoretical issues and research and development aspects with the goal of advancing knowledge about how students learn. The topics in this journal are drawn from the fields of cognitive science, educational psychology, anthropology, computer and information science, media and cultural studies and explore pedagogical, technological, sociological and psychological aspects of student learning. The journal will examine the social, organizational and cultural dynamics of learning environments, construct scientific models of cognitive development, and conduct design-based experiments.